Celery project

A great celery project to introduce basic science concept about how plants use transpiration to absorb water!

You need: fresh celery with the leaves, empty jars, water, food colours.

What to do: fill the glass jars 1/3 full of water and then add food colours to each one. Place your celery stems into the jars of dyed water. The dye starts to travel very quickly, and within half an hour we could already see colours moving up the stems. In 24 hours the leaves will be dyed due to the coloured water reaching them.

What is happening: The process is called transpiration and it’s essential for moving water to all parts of plants, even to the tops of the tallest trees. Plants absorb nutrients from the soil through the roots and up through the phloem in the plant’s stems. The experiment with a stick of celery reveals how nutrients are delivered to all parts of the plant.