Coding for kids: drawing shapes using Scratch

Coding for kids: drawing shapes using SCRATCH

Let’s learn how to draw shapes using Scratch. This is our second post in the series of “Coding for kids” blog posts projects designed specifically for primary school students and coding educators with little or no coding experience. If you missed it, read our introductory post “Coding for kids: introducing SCRATCH“.

This STEM project will help students to explore mathematical concepts, reinforce their knowledge of geometric shapes, and encourage developing mathematical thinking and modelling skills.  In addition, students will practice problem solving and algorithmic thinking.

Challenge 1.  Let’s teach our cat Sprite to draw a square on the Stage. A square has four equal sides and four right (90°) angles; we shall remember this when programming our code!

1. Click on the Pen Drag “Pen down” to the scripts area.

Scratch: draw shapes 1

2. Click on the Motion Drag a “Move 10 steps” code block to join on to your program. Change 10 to any number you like. We set it to 100. Experiment with changing the value. Click on your blocks to test your code. If the number is too large cat Sprite may run out of the screen!

Scratch: draw shapes 2

3. Add “Turn 10 degrees” code block. Change 10 to 90, because a square has 90 degrees angles. Add another “Move 100 steps” block and test your program by clicking on any block! Click it four times to help Sprite completing the square!

4. Now complete the program, to help Sprite to draw the square in one click.

Scratch: draw shapes 4








Challenge 2.  Let’s teach our cat Sprite to draw an equilateral triangle on the Stage. The equilateral triangle has three equal sides and three equal angles. Each angle is 60°.  Please, note that Scratch uses the measurement of the exterior angles, meaning that you need to use “Turn” block with 120° value for an individual angle of a triangle. You will notice that all three exterior angles of a triangle will add up to 360 degrees! The math is right!

Scratch: draw shapes 5