Reading and storytelling: connections to STEM

Connect STEM with reading and storytelling

What a great concept it is to connect STEM with reading and storytelling! Stories provide a great context for learning science, you just need to discover the science that is hidden in a book!

STEM story telling

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Reading aloud and sharing stories with children is very important and helps children’s development in lots of ways. Sharing and reading stories stimulates children’s imagination, help them familiarise with new words and so develop early literacy skills. When listening to a story, children’s imagination is open to new ideas and concepts. By creating images in the listener’s mind, storytelling or reading helps students to experience and look at the world in a much deeper way.

Children enjoy story either read or told. The most important thing is to make the story enjoyable and interesting for the children, so that it keeps their attention, and make it fun so children are going to looking forward to it. Educators and parents can make book reading or storytelling a part of their daily learning routine. Books are filled with great stories and cool project ideas that can help lay the foundation for any mixture of STEM disciplines.

Here some hints and tips for teaching science while reading the books:

This story helps children to think about properties of different materials and how those properties suits for different purposes. And don’t forget some cool reference to engineering!

This book is great for learning about the habitat of crocodiles. The crocodile meets different jungle animals that make different sounds. Educators can encourage children to act out the different animals in this story.

An excellent Australian story that helps children to figure out the difference between the words bare and bear, the fact that the koala is not a bear and learn some interesting facts about bears.

This book teaches young children the name of animals and the different colours. This book works through a repetitive rhyme that will be appreciated the most by youngest ones. This book is suitable for young children and kids with speech and language delays. It encourages children to inference- an important feature of STEM education.

And remember, connecting STEM activities with children’s books can strengthen both STEM understanding and reading, while inspiring inquiry and creativity.