Our Philosophy

  • Our Philosophy

    Our Philosophy

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education focuses on developing analytical and technical skills, abstract and critical thinking. All these skills are becoming more and more important in our modern world. Strength in STEM subject has been linked to economic prosperity and quality of life. Encouraging STEM education from early childhood is the best way to reinforce the natural attitude of students towards enquiry, and develop long-term ability to learn technical skills.

    It is our mission to continuously empower and motivate teachers!

    Starting Bright designs STEM lesson plans to assist primary school teachers in improving student understanding in STEM subjects and to guide class learning. STEM topic is covered depending on the preference of the teacher, and the needs of the students.

    Starting Bright offers in-school professional learning sessions on STEM that can be tailored to suit the needs of your school and teachers.

    Starting Bright offers STEM incursions run by trained scientists to Preschools and Primary Schools. Our sessions help students developing basic science skills and allows to practice the scientific method which is observing what is happening, using words to describe what they see, and repeating the action to compare results.

  • STEM for Primary School

    STEM for Primary School

    The Australian Government regards STEM education as critically important for our current and future productivity. Critical thinking developed through STEM is fundamental to inform personal decision making and to build effective communities.

    Starting Bright provides the perfect opportunity to get students excited about the possibilities of STEM subjects.

    Starting Bright designs STEM lesson plans as a teaching aid for primary school teachers. Each session is meant to provide with the list of interdisciplinary connections to Victorian Curriculum for the appropriate Grade level, objectives, background information for teachers, list of materials to conduct the session, step-by-step procedures and many other helpful tools. Grab-and-go STEM lesson plans will enhance your teaching and make planning and delivering lessons easier!

    Contact us to receive a FREE STEM lesson plan.

    Starting Bright offers in-school professional learning sessions on STEM that can be tailored to suit the needs of your school and teachers.

  • STEM for Early Years

    STEM for Early Years

    Starting Bright follows the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, providing stimulating and engaging STEM activities, enhancing children’s learning and development in the familiar environment of their Child Care or Kindergarten centre. Every activity and class is built around all Quality Areas of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. In addition, objectives and learning outcomes of specific classes will promote specific Quality Areas.

    At Starting Bright, we create a stimulating environment for students to explore STEM, we help them to build their confidence, realise their potential … and have lots of fun along the way.

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20% 0f the total workforce in Australia has some STEM qualification

16% of STEM qualified people are female

32% of Australia’s goods exports is associated with advances in the physical, mathematical and biological sciences.