• Starting Bright develops STEM lesson plans for primary school teachers.

STEM lesson plan is meant to assist primary school teachers in improving student understanding in STEM subjects. Each session plan provides with the list of interdisciplinary connections to Victorian Curriculum for the appropriate Grade level, objectives, background information for teachers, list of materials to conduct the session, step-by-step procedures and many other helpful tools. Grab-and-go STEM session plans will enhance your teaching and make planning and delivering lessons easier! Contact us to receive a FREE STEM lesson plan.

  • Starting Bright offers in-school professional learning sessions on STEM that can be tailored to suit the needs of your school and teachers.

The structure, content and length of these sessions is determined by the school in collaboration with Starting Bright.

  • Starting Bright offers STEM incursions for primary school students.

Incursions encourage learning with an interdisciplinary and integrated approach. Students gain and apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop creative and critical thinking skills. Each incursion includes curious scientific demonstrations followed by the explanation of what was observed. The activity will inspire learning of new vocabulary and its use in STEM. Depending on the subject, we propose individual experiments to strengthen critical thinking or group experiments to motivate team work and mateship.We encourage teachers to get actively involved during our incursions, as a way to build their personal and professional proficiency and confidence in STEM subjects.Incursions run for about 40-60 minutes, or as much as your young scientists will request! Price is $149 + GST per session, per class.

Static Electricity

Incursions static electricity

Amazingly, we see static electricity every single day; it even builds up on us. Wow! Have you ever rubbed your feet on a carpet and then zapped something when you touched it? Well that’s exactly what static electricity is.

This incursion explores the use of practical fun activities to teach about electrostatics.

Science module: What is static electricity and how it is produced. Students will observe amazing demonstrations of static electricity, how one can make objects move without being touched!

Technology and Engineering modules: Have you ever noticed how static electricity can sometimes make your hair stand on end? For these modules students will use a party balloon to create a static charge to make other materials to move around. Students will reveal their super powers with various objects, they will make a butterfly to flap its wings and spin a straw.


This incursion is suitable for Preps, Grade 1 and 2.

Adsorption and Dissolving

Incursions Absorption

Let the absorption of science begin! This incursion will engage students in the scientific investigation of absorption and dissolving phenomena. Students will ‘soak up’ science concepts with curious demonstrations and perform their own experiment using a dropper.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math modules: what is absorption? What materials absorb the best? Compare, make hypotheses and test them! Students will be encouraged to actively participate in all demonstrations.

They will learn about super absorbent polymers, how they interact with water and other liquids and what polymers have to do with diapers!

Students will be amazed of how water beads can absorb up to 300 times their weight in water!

The whole class will have fun experimenting with coloured water and its effects on sugar cubes.


This incursion is suitable for Preps, Grade 1 and 2.