Paper roll binoculars

Paper roll binoculars for birds watching is a neat and fun craft!

Material: Paper rolls, scissors, textas or pencils, glue, decorations from any recycled material.

What to do: Use a glue stick to secure the two rolls together, side by side. Alternatively, wrap a duct tape around them to form the binoculars. Now decorate them and you are ready to play pretend games or real birds watching!
Optionally, use the hole punch to make a hole on each side of the binoculars (the outside of each roll ) and tie the end of a strand of yarn through each hole.

Connection to STEM: Design, construct, decorate and colour the binoculars. Also, children participate in pretend games or learn how to spot birds with their own homemade binoculars.

Some info: Binoculars are a kind of tool that let people see far-away things more clearly, using a technology called optics. They are made of a pair of matched telescopes that are held in front of the user’s eyes.

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