Primary Schools

In-school professional learning session, Term 4,  2018

Starting Bright has given an informational seminar to primary school teachers to introduce STEM as an approach to teaching and STEM’s place in interdisciplinary connections to Victorian Curriculum learning.

Starting Bright provided with the ideas on how to design a meaningful STEM lesson.

Coding for kids: introducing SCRATCH

Primary Schools

STEM session, Term 4,  2018

Another great STEM session for primary school students. This time it was on ‘Symmetry’.

Students identified symmetrical figures, draw lines of symmetry, and explained why or why not a figure has symmetry. Students developed an understanding of symmetry concepts and new vocabulary. We had a lot of fun experimenting with symmetry in art and craft.

StartingBright symmetry portfolio


Primary Schools

National Science week, Term 3,  2018

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The school theme for National Science Week in 2018 is Game Changers and Change Makers. The idea is to challenge students to rethink their own understandings and perceptions of science and become the world’s next game changers and change makers.

Our local school celebrated National Science Week with some exciting events and provided a valuable opportunity for Grade 1 students to encourage an interest in STEM, to meet a scientist from Starting Bright and do some science together.

The topic of STEM session was ‘Static Electricity’ were students observed amazing demonstrations of static electricity and how one can make objects move without being touched! Students learned what static electricity is, how it is used in technologies and that lightning is a powerful form of static electricity!

Incursions static electricity

Aurora Early Education

STEM seminar for parents, Term 3 – 2018

Starting Bright has given an informational seminar with practical examples on what parents can do to help developing STEM skill in young children. Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. That is why a parent’s involvement is crucial to help a child master STEM subjects within and beyond the classroom!

We are proud to be featured in Rowville-Lysterfield Community News

Starting Bright article


Goodstart Early Learning Rowville Stud Road

Term 3 – 2018

Kindergarten is a wonderful time of exploration and activity. We run 10 weekly sessions for kinder children in Goodstart Early Learning Rowville Stud Road. Our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math sessions provide hands-on and educational activities covering all STEM topics that are perfect for the children from 4 to 6.

Early elementary STEM projects are meant to excite and encourage kids! Kindergarten kids from Goodstart Early Learning Rowville Stud Road were very interested and engaged in learning everything there is to know about the world!

Starting Bright Good Start Term 4

Aurora Early Education

National Science Week, Term 3 – 2018

Starting Bright celebrates Science with “Primary colours” incursion for each studio at Aurora Early Education.

The children in Moonglade studio, participated in a wonderful STEM incursion that incorporated the topic of colour mixing the primary colours yellow and blue that made green. The experiences included everyday resources but were used in a fun and exciting new way. The children were involved in science, sensory and creative experiences and continue to talk about the activities with Elena day after day.

Despina, Assistant educator


Aurora Early Education

Term 2 – 2018

Another inspirational “Little bugs for little scientist” incursion for 3 month to 5 years old children at Aurora Early Education. Find more details about this incursion and other activities we offer in our Program page.

Read the review on this incursion on Aurora’s website.

It was a very interactive session. The Willow Walk Kindergarten children really enjoyed learning the facts about the insects and the life cycle of the butterfly

Indika, Kindergarten teacher

The STEM session with the Seamist Children was very captivating. It engaged the children in meaningful learning, enabling them to differentiate between animals and insects. The children also loved being part of the creation of the caterpillar. The program was something they enjoyed participating in.

Michelle, Team Leader of Seamist Studio


Primary Schools

STEM session, Term 2,  2018

‘Absorption and dissolving ‘incursion engaged students in the scientific investigation of absorption and dissolving phenomena. Students actively participated in all demonstrations, learned about super absorbent polymers, how they interact with water and other liquids and what polymers have to do with diapers!

The whole Grade 1 class had fun experimenting with coloured water and its effects on sugar cubes.

Incursions Absorption


Starting Bright is making the news!

Starting Bright is featured in Rowville-Lysterfield Community News!

Starting Bright comes to Aurora Early Education on a termly basis and run amazing incursions and seminars for both families and children.

Starting Bright STEM article

Aurora Early Education

Term 1 – 2018

Starting Bright has given a seminar on ‘Pedagogical approach to integrating STEM into the classroom’ for the educators.

Was a great session Elena! Really enjoyed it and learned a lot from the presentation. Thanks!

Simone, Co-Founder and COO, Aurora Early Education

Bringing knowledge and intelligent application of the knowledge is critical – thank you Elena

Aurora Early Education

Aurora Early Education

Term 1 – 2018

We run an awesome incursion about sound for 3 month to 5 years old children at Aurora Early Education. More details about this incursion and other activities we offer in our Program page.

Read more about this activity on a wonderful blog post on Aurora website.

Very interesting experiments. Children had a very good time learning and having fun.

Fehmina, Kinder Educator, Aurora Early Education

Rowville Lakes Early Learning & Kinder

Term 4 – 2017

We run 10 weekly sessions during Term 4 in 2017. Lots of fun for the 4-5 years old kinder children!

Our sessions covered all 4 STEM modules: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Plenty of catching demonstrations about the world around us. In each session we offered personalised activities (either small experiments or take-home craft) related to the topic of the week.

After every session we provided the educators with a followup module to help them incorporate some of the STEM concepts into their everyday program.

The Kinder children look forward to our weekly science lessons and being part of the child oriented activities that Elana teaches

Leanne, Kinder teacher, Rowville Lakes Early Learning & Kinder