Scissor cutting skills

Scissor cutting skills for preschoolers

Scissor cutting skills for preschoolers is a fine way for children to be successful in STEM. You may wonder how? Here is the answer. When you hear the word technology, you might think of computers, but in the preschool curriculum, technology refers to using tools and developing fine and gross motor skills.

Scissors cutting skills

Tools can help children develop eye-hand coordination and strengthen their hand and finger muscles for writing, typing, and drawing.

The use of scissors requires and enhances many developmental tasks. Believe it or not, a child who is following the appropriate developmental track may start using scissor at as early as 2 years old. There are many reasons for this:

  1. Using scissors allows a child to build up the tiny muscles in the palm of their hand by continuously open and close the hand. These muscles are used when the child is holding onto anything with a grip.
  2. Using scissors enhances eye-hand coordination. This means that the child must be able to process what they see, and then be able to move their hand while looking at something. This can be a difficult task at the beginning because it engages two different areas of the brain.
  3. Using scissors help children to strengthen bilateral coordination. This means that they are encouraged to use both sides of their body at the same time.

Materials: Scissors, stock paper, magazines, newspapers, photographs…

Activity: Keep up your child’s interest and enthusiasm by using some less traditional materials, such as cutting play dough snakes, snipping straws, or cutting string.  Using grocery ads, scrapbook paper, and photographs is also fun.

Cutting with scissors takes practice! It’s hard work for a child, so stay positive and encouraging. And above all, start with safety scissors which present no risk for young children.